No Credit Check Furniture Online: Affordable Rent to Own Furniture

No Credit Check Furniture Online: Affordable Rent to Own Furniture

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Amanda

These days everyone is trying to get by with less. The economic crunch forces people to economize. In some cases, people have been unemployed or underemployed for an extended period. Because of these difficulties, people need new solutions for buying furniture. Shopping at the expensive furniture store is less desirable, particularly as many other businesses are providing rent to own and lease ownership programs. Many of these programs do not require customers to submit to a credit check, which is a welcome relief for many consumers. Affordable rent to own furniture lets families live in comfort without putting an unnecessary strain on their monetary resources.

Three main retailers offer rent to own furniture. They are: Aaron's, Buddy's Home Furnishings and Rent-a-Center. Each of these retailers features a website where customers may browse the furniture, appliances and electronics available. Customers may fill out an application to lease no credit check furniture online. Before they even set foot in one of these stores, most shoppers will know how much they have to spend and the terms for making their rent to own furniture payments.

These retailers each provide an opportunity to pay for all leased or rented items through convenient methods. Online payments are frequently the choice for consumers, and this option is available from all three retailers. However, it is Rent-a-Center that excels in offering payment flexibility with automatic payments available through some stores, as well as in store payments and payments by phone. Aaron's generally sticks to a single monthly payment for customers, while Buddy's and Rent-a-Center provide options for weekly and bi-weekly payments in addition to monthly payment plans for rent to own furniture.

At Aaron's most affordable rent to own furniture is paid off within about 24 months. The agreements at Buddy's tend to run between one and three years. Rent-a-Center offers flexible plans that range from 39 weeks to 104 weeks. Despite the affordability of these plans, some consumers decide to return the leased items. These retailers offer generous return policies that effectively stop payments as soon as items are returned. However, Aaron's puts a restriction on returns, stipulating that they can only be made after the initial period. Rent-a-Center places no restrictions on returns, while Buddy's takes their program one step further by offering a full refund if the customer makes the return with 72 hours of delivery.

None of these retailers penalize customers for paying off their agreements ahead of schedule. In fact, each offers same as cash programs. Rent-a-Center provides its customers with a 90 days same as cash plan. Effectively, this affordable rent to own furniture can be purchased at the retail price without additional markup if the consumer pays within 90 days of purchase. Buddy's requires that customers request such a program ahead of time, and the customer can request a deal of up to six months same as cash. At Aaron's, the process works a bit differently. Customers are entitled to a 120 days same as cash deal at Aaron's as long as they enroll in the Service Plus program.

The Service Plus program entitles members to many benefits. However, there is a cost involved. Each agreement payment will cost an additional 10% to cover the perks of the plan. Customers who enroll in this program are eligible to receive the 120 days same as cash incentive on lease agreements lasting longer than six months. Additionally, they will receive free delivery and set up of merchandise. Customers who enroll also receive free service and loaner items should the repair require removal of the item. One of the most attractive perks of the Service Plus program is the relocation component, which states that the store will move products that are being transported within a 15 mile radius of the store when the customer's address changes. Neither of the other major rent to own retailers offers this relocation service.

However, both Buddy's and Rent-a-Center provide free delivery, set up and service without charging extra or requiring membership in a separate program. Both will also provide loaner items should any leased or rented items need to be removed for service. Buddy's also provides membership in a Platinum Plus club that offers discounts on entertainment, groceries and medical and dental services. The Platinum Plus club also gives members rental payment extension coupons to be used should they ever experience temporary financial difficulties. Unlike their competitors, Rent-a-Center allows its customers to upgrade to the latest and greatest models of most of its products at anytime during the agreement period. This can be an especially attractive option when consumers are purchasing big ticket items that will require an extended period of time to pay for.

Looking for no credit check furniture online is relatively easy. Each retailer features an online application process that requires only a few minutes to complete. Because none of these stores requires a credit check, approval of applications is usually received within half an hour of application submission. Each application form requires some basic information. Additionally, each store asks that potential customers provide two or three personal references. It's important for consumers to realize that although they can browse through selections at the stores' websites, they may still have to visit a retail location in order to complete the paperwork and the agreement process.

While it is possible to find no credit check furniture online, it's important to do some comparison shopping before signing any agreements. All three of these retailers have similar programs, but the differences between them can make or break any potential deal. Nonetheless, rent to own programs allow customers to bring top of the line furnishings and appliances into their homes with very low payments. In most cases, customers may return merchandise whenever they desire, thereby ending their financial obligation. These plans are particularly attractive to consumers as they can help build a credit score without causing the consumer to take on debt.

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