College Furniture 101: Rent Student Furniture for Cheap College Living

College Furniture 101: Rent Student Furniture for Cheap College Living

Posted 08.13.2012 in Articles by Neil-Denny

While some college kids look forward to shacking it up at an Animal House, beer bottles and nightly toga parties aren't for everybody. You may be a student traveling far from home, but don't want to part with the comfort of the living situation you grew to love. Or you can be a parent looking to send your baby off to college in style. Whatever the case, renting furniture can optimize your new environment for both living and learning. Furniture rental stores like Cort offer unique packages specifically designed with the college student in mind. Here are some of the great student furniture packages available today, so you can work, play, and study your own way. 

Cort is a great example of a furniture rental store that offers unique bundles that cater towards the out-of-town college student. The most basic student package they offer is the 12 Month Student Package. The package is offered at $99 per month for a minimum of 12 months, totaling $1188 for the full year. Three sets are included in this package. The living room set comes with a sofa, a chair, one end table, a cocktail table, and a lamp. The dining room comes with a dining table and four chairs. The bedroom set comes with a dresser, a mirror, headboard, nightstand, bedroom lamp, and a queen mattress with a box spring. Not bad for just a little over a thousand bucks for the whole year.

For 60 dollars more a month, you can opt for the 12 Month Deluxe Student Package. This package comes with everything offered in the basic package, plus an additional chair, lamp and end table for the living room, 3 pieces of coordinated artwork, and a 32” HD television with TV stand. The total for a whole year will come out to $1908. The same deluxe package is offered at $189 a month for a 9-month lease, the total of which will come out to $1701. Opt for this deal only if you know your stay will exceed no longer than 10 months, otherwise the 12 Month Package is the way to go.

To put this figure into perspective, let's take a look at some prices if you were to purchase each individual item rather than rent. A queen sized box typically runs for $200, plus $300 for the mattress, which totals up to $500 for the bed alone. With just the bed alone you are already at half the cost of the basic 12 Month Package.

The deal gets even juicier when you include the Student Add a Bedroom Package. Chances are you're not going to some strange campus at some foreign city all on your lonesome. If you've got a buddy to room with, talk furniture rental over with your roomie-to-be. With the agreement to one of Cort's 9 to 12 Month Student Packages, you can add another bedroom set for an additional $55. If you split the basic student package, you will only need to pay $77 a month for the complete furniture set, and only $107 a month for the Deluxe Package.

Another great idea for college students to consider is to rent a video game system. Rent A Center has many great video bundles available for rent, with weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly contracts so there is absolutely no obligation to buy. Our personal favorite is the PS3 Move Gaming Bundle. The Wii and Xbox are just as fun, but 1080p resolution, a 320 GB Hard Drive, Blu-Ray Disc Player, and built-in Wi-Fi make the PS3 Move Gaming Bundle perfect for any college student.

When it comes time for you or your child to up and leave the mothership, it could be quite nerve-racking for both parties. With furniture rental deals geared towards college students at stores like Cort, at least you'll have the satisfaction knowing the new nest will be quite comfortable.

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Re: College Furniture 101: Rent Student Furniture for Cheap College Living
Reply #1 on : Mon October 15, 2012, 21:02:08
awesome never thought about renting furniture. sister just left for nursing school and she literally has nothing but a futon. never even considered renting as an option. hope its not too late for the student deals.

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